Groovedigger Records

logo by Toby Nilsson Toby Nilsson's websiteGroovedigger logo designed by Toby Nilsson & Monte Nordstrom

I gave the basic idea of this design to artist Toby Nilsson and he ran with it. The silhouette of the man digging is based on the international roadsign icon for "Men at Work". I suggested that the digger use a Stratocaster instead of a shovel & make it look like a gravedigger. Thus the play on words for Groovedigger. This name also refers to my own penchant for working a musical "groove" when performing with my band. The intended connotation is that making music is work & that the musician's instrument, obviously is a tool of the trade. Another angle is the idea of prospecting for nuggets (of inspiration), or digging up bones (re-working the back-catalogue).

GROOVEDIGGER RECORDS unearths an eclectic trove of original "Roots-rockin' soul, reggae & blues!"

Groovedigger Records was created by Monte Nordstrom as an independant label for his varied back-catalogue & up-coming releases. The re-release of the 1974 album "Noontide" by Barry Newman is the first release on Groovedigger by an outside artist. There will likely be others as things progress.

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