Quotes & Testimonials about Monte Nordstrom
Brent Hutchinson: Cowichan Folk Guild / Islands Folk Festival. July, 2000 (Festival performance)
"Monte Nordstrom plays his 4th IFF with the unique guitar style that's earned him national acclaim. This veteran Cowichan Valley performer has put together an intriguing new blend of worldbeat, folk & jazz originals which is winning him new friends & fans via his group's invigorating live performances. Nordstrom is synonymous with original & upbeat music."
Rick Dennis: Cowichan News Leader. Jan, 1995 (Groovedigger CD) "Muse Alive & Well"
"Artfully channeling his rock, blues and soul roots into an honest & individual sound, Nordstrom has come up with a set list of thoughtful, ambitious lyrics fitted to a variety of dancer-friendly melodies. An impressively unified body of songs."
Roger Levesque: The Edmonton Journal. Jan, 1997 (Northstream CD)
"Nordstrom Creates Fine Blend of Rootsy Ideas"... "Rich musical observations - brim over with rural images, characters and stories."
Jerry Skowronski: Fort MacMurray Today. Jan, 1984 (performance)
"Guitar Stylings of Monte Nordstrom Worth a Listen"
"Crisp, clean instrumentals flow from Monte Nordstrom's guitar. The sound is intoxicating. This guy is good. It is a rare treat listening to him play his impeccable instrumental stylings. Nordstrom loves his work so much that time slips by without notice. If you enjoy a good timey, in-the-kitchen-at-3 a.m.-with-friends atmosphere, make it a point to listen to Nordstrom while he's in the city. His version of Whiter Shade of Pale will blow you away."
Doug Treadway: Nightflying Magazine: Little Rock, Arkansas. 1994 ("Groovedigger" CD)
"Nordstrom has a subtle way of getting your attention".
Barry Newman (Publisher): Cosmic Debris Musicians Magazine. Apr, 1996 (Live Performance) / Dec, '99 ('Live at the JBI' CD review *) Monte Nordstrom - "The Eclectician"
"Delightfully diverse (and impeccably-executed) material. Monte is a master at volume control and mic technique. Extremely melodic and accurate (no easy feat) on his rack-mounted blues harp. Few performers can match Monte's overall caliber of intensity AND control." * "Nordstrom stands out as one of Vancouver Island's most diverse and powerful artists."
Dave Gordon (The Blues Hound): Westcoast Entertainment Magazine. Oct, 1994 ("Groovedigger" CD)
"Simply stated, Monte deserves a great deal of credit for putting together one of the best locally produced CDs in quite a while. Soulful, earthy, earnest vocals. -an excellent showcase for Nordstrom's considerable songwriting talent. -a rootsy collection of Soul, Blues, Rock-a-Billy, Reggae and Contemporary Rock".
Nikki & Toby Nilsson: Web-Review of Monte Nordstrom Trio. May, 2000:
I find this trio extremely pleasant to listen to. Monte has a knack for building & weaving elaborate visual soundscapes around a melody and overlaying it on occasion with a gentle veneer of thoughtful poignant lyrics. He does this with a precise control over the tone and timbre of his warm and sparkling guitar work, occasionally augmenting it with a soulful and direct working of his harmonica. This is backed by some fine bass-playing by John Wade, either on stand-up bas or fretless electric. John's bass playing is precise and measured, running close and tight to Monte's artistic guitar, without being obtrusive. The two of them create delightfully surprising aural landscapes. Add to this some creative percussion work, one gets the impression of listening to an aural lava lamp. This is tailor-made to Monte's freeform creative side... highly-original exploratory music. The group beguiles and draws one into them.
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