Monte Nordstrom's CD: 'AFTER ALL...'
is a major artistic accomplishment, 4 years in the making. The concept of the album is the universal theme of mortality, approached from a variety of philosophies. Subtexts reveal more personal feelings.

after all cover
'After All...' was recorded in 6 studios on 3 continents by a cast of 13 musicians. The CD features material composed over 5 decades, not a bad trick for an artist who recently turned 50. Nordstrom celebrates 35 years as a singer/songwriter with this recording.
Edmonton-based Jeremy Sagar oversaw production & co-wrote the title song with Monte, during one of the sessions with drummer Pat Steward at Helicon Studio in Crofton. Sagar & Nordstrom mixed the project with engineer, Stew Kirkwood in Edmonton at Sound Extractor Studio.
stew & jeremy The title 'After All...' indicates the arduous journey of the project, which is divided into two sections: "Songs of Fate & Mortality" & "Pt. 2 Ptarmigan & the Waiting".
Part one features recent and new compositions while the second premieres previously unproduced Ptarmigan material from early 70s. "The Waiting" is a suite composed in 1969. The reference to Ptarmigan (Nordstrom's first recording, produced by Paul Horn on Columbia Records) represents a return to form for Monte as an artist.
'After All...' features Monte's powerful vocal range, supported by background vocals by Nick Jarvie and by Edmonton's Mike & Michelle Sabourin, a creative & dynamic father/daughter combination.
mike & michelle Nordstrom took a year to develop his arrangements to the piano, demonstrating his commitment to the material. His piano is underscored by the inspired Hammond organ of Larry Blatchford.
There is a distinct retro vibe to the album, orchestrated by Monte's use of a vintage Mellotron. This provides an eerie, majestic ambience; at times recalling Procol Harum or an earthier Moody Blues. While the recording could also be compared to a modern band such as Coldplay, there is no mistaking Nordstrom's rich vocals & guitar.
Many solo passages feature Monte's fluid harmonica, at times supported by the soprano sax of Doug Rhodes. Jeremy, Monte & Maryann Nordstrom contributed hand percussion, while a digereedoo performance by James Batchelor adds a mystic quality to the Dias/Lithgow composition "Song to the East".
keizo endo Keizo Endo, a founding member of the progressive rock group, Wappa Gappa recorded several bass tracks in Tokyo.
Peter Gustavsson contributed guitar & vocal tracks, translated the song titles & sang a chorus of the song "Abandoned Memories" in Swedish. He recorded in Varberg, Sweden.
peter gustavsson The CD's cover art features a mandala, representing the circle of life. Monte created the watercolour painting in 1974. Nordstrom's photography portrays how the environment shaped the spirit of the music. Many photos depict the beauty of Vancouver Island & reveal connections to the lyrics.
The songs' titles were translated into 10 languages, referring to the universality of their message. The CD is beautifully enhanced with Kanji translations by Jiho Kongo, a Japanese zen monk. Longtime friend & promotor, David Pite, introduced Monte to "Hosan" during Monte's tour of Kyushu in 2001.
Production of After All... w/ photos
English Titles:
by Monte
Swedish Titles:
by Peter Gustavsson
Kanji Titles:
by Jiho Kongo
1. After All
mp3 899.kb
Trots Allt 1
2. Champagne Sky
mp3 1386.kb
Champagnefärgade skyar 2
3. Precipice Klippstup 3
4. Invisible Osynlig 4
5. Every River Meets the Sea Varje flod når fram till havet 5
6. Caught Up to You Allt har hunnit ifatt dig 6
7. I See You Jag ser dig 7
8. Abandoned Memories Övergivna Minnen 8
9. Fate and Mortality
mp3 969.kb
Öde och dödlighet 9
10. Headwaters Källflöden 10
11. Evolution Mother Moder Evolution 11...web
12. Song To The East Österns Sång
13. The Poet's Song Poetens Sång 13
14. Deep Green Djupgrön 14
15. The Waiting Suite Förväntans Svit 15
16. Abandoned Swede Övergivna Svensk n/a

All songs © 2004 by Monte Nordstrom / Northstream Music / SOCAN except 'After All' © Monte Nordstrom & Jeremy Sagar and 'Evolution Song, Song to The East and Poet Song © Glen Dias & James Lithgow
Produced by Jeremy Sagar  /  Executive Producer: Monte Nordstrom
Recorded at:
Sound Extractor, Edmonton, Alberta. Engineer: Stew Kirkwood
Willow Creek Studio, Victoria, BC. Engineer: Tim Zurowski
Helicon Productions, Crofton, BC. Engineers: Monte Nordstrom & Jeremy Sagar
Peter Gustavsson recorded in Varberg, Sweden. Engineer: Thomas Brixmar, T-Rec
Keizo Endo recorded at Keizo Endo Studio, Tokyo, Japan.
Mellotron supplied by Paul Gogo
Graphics by Pacific Music Marketing
Photography, design by Monte Nordstrom
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the production of After All... with photos
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